3 fascinating facts about the world of gambling


1. Macau is bigger than Las Vegas

I could hear many people asking, “what is Macau?”… Despite common knowledge, Las Vegas isn't the “holy grail” of gambling destination of the world. In fact, in terms of gross gaming revenue the autonomous area of Macau in China has surpassed the annual casino and gambling revenues of Las Vegas more than 3x.

Since its inception, Las Vegas was the top gambling destination of the planet. Well, this is no longer the case. In China, any form of land based and online gambling is forbidden but the restrictions doesn't apply to the prosperous region of Macau’s fabulous Cotai Strip where Chinese people (and of course other nationalities too) flock and spend high amounts to satisfy their gambling desires.

2. Ancient origins – gambling is older than you think

Interestingly, the earliest forms of gambling (well if you can actually call that “gambling”) can be found in ancient civilizations such as China, Rome and Greece. Greek philosophers strongly opposed the idea of gambling, but nonetheless, even if it was forbidden in certain circles of society, it was still present. The game of head and tails were first played with a shell and long years after it evolved into people using a coin instead.

Throwing the dice in ancient times also represented many different things. Some cultures believed gods controlled the results of the dice which later turned into various forms of dice throwing to predict fortunes. In fact, the word dice comes from the goddess of justice “Dike” in Ancient Greek Mythology; which also meant “to throw”.

China had many variants of card games, and also something similar to today's version of keno – the origins of this game goes back to nearly 2000 years ago. It's a bit ironic that gambling in modern day China is illegal (except the earlier mentioned Macau) however some of the most popular card games were invented there originally.

It is well known that Roman emperors enjoyed a bit of gambling too. They would throw dice or commonly bet on various outcomes of sports, gladiator fights etc.

3. Casino and gambling domains are extremely valuable

The world of gambling also hold some of the most expensive domains that had ever changed owners. Some of the craziest hot domains were sold for the following price tags:

  • Casino.com was sold in October 2003 to Mansion Limited for a hectic $5.5 million price
  • Slots.com in 2010 was acquired for also $5.5 million
  • Poker.com was being offered on auction for $20m
  • Gambling.com had a sale price of $ 2.5m back in 2011

There are still many dormant gambling domains out there to be developed to their full potential. Owning one of these highly sought after domain names is like being the lucky owner of a piece of a real estate in a really fancy area of Hollywood. Short and keyword rich .com domains are extremely rare nowadays so getting one of them is not easy and you need to pay a high price for them.

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