Cons and pros of a mobile casino vs the desktop version


These days, we now have access to 4G that has the favor of scoring a first advantage and the latest generation smartphones are therefore logically perfectly compatible with the data thirsty mobile casino games.

The recurring connection speed concern is no longer there. The mobile game is equivalent in stability to a version compatible with desktop computers. There is no contrast that can cause some kind of jealousy between these two rivals and therefore attract such a magnet to a player to a computer version of the instead of a mobile interface to play in the casino.

This was previously the case, but times have changed! The mobile and the PC are at the same level from the point of view of the stability of casino games. In order to guarantee perfect reliability and allow nomadic players to experience the most honorable satisfaction with this criterion, mobile technology offers this advantage of being able to download the casino software, to play without download by loading only the game you want from your Safari mobile internet browser or if you have to download the Mobile Casino application.

In all cases, when you choose to entertain yourself with an iPhone, GSM or iPad you should know that to ensure the best balances, the system only loads the game you have previously selected in the player's session. All other mobile games present in the playroom remain in the background while waiting cautiously, they may end up being tamed by the player.

The second advantage of mobile online casinos is that when you are playing and receiving a voice call, you can very well leave the game immediately to answer the call. Once the conversation is over, the player will not have this concern wondering: he has probably lost everything he had won because the Casino software did not have to save my last game configuration considering that I went like a thief a year ago! moment!

And as I just said, there is nothing to worry about because the system integrated with the mobile version provides for this type of inconvenience that can be supported at any time. If it is for a problem of the battery, the network or even in our case an incoming phone call.

To remedy this problem, once the game session is interrupted, all data will be saved at the time it was stopped. All information and without exception, for example, end of the rotation of the slot machine if there was one in progress, the ball that ends up coming and going in the cylinder of the mobile roulette, the balance of the current account, the adjustment of the game made by the player, etc.

No data is lost and therefore the player is able to return as he wishes to recover his game session where he had left it before.

The third advantage that stands out from playing the casino from a mobile device is the golden opportunity to play where you want to be. In the living room, on the balcony, in the bathroom, leaning on the bar, on the seashore sunbathing, etc.

All places are compatible to play online since on mobile only if internet performance is sufficient, but with our current technology, mobile casinos no longer grimace is not enough.

The fourth advantage of finding greater satisfaction playing the casino from an iPad is that the latest generation of casino offers special bonuses without withdrawal requirements to play on smartphone or tablet.

It generally offers promotions that are as tempting as a normal version of a digital casino that can be found on a computer under Windows or iOS operating systems. Being able to participate in regular casino tournaments of hundreds of thousands of euros or try your luck by participating in raffles is not excluded from a nomadic casino version.

The fifth advantage and I think it will be the last on the list, focuses on the fact that some confidentiality can be ensured regarding these online casino gambling activities. Some people who find a deep well-being to play in online casinos do not necessarily have this desire to make their family aware of these types of hobbies.

In fact, the fact of getting pleasure from entertaining in the game on the Internet remains a taboo in our society and this activity translates into a great majority of cases being a vice. Playing from your mobile phone this type of behavior is a great help to minimize seeing clearly avoid creating a link between the family computer and a mobile casino server.

In my opinion, a mobile phone is still quite personal and so it is easier to hide these gaming activities, also taking into account that mobile versions of casinos offer this opportunity to play from a free or paid space.

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